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Oleg Prusov's

11. King of Fools, 1989

Chapter: The Great Conquerors

Linen, oil, 750x650 mm

The work King of Fools was exhibited only once at the Ubicus Art exhibition in 1992, after which it was gifted to Sergey and Elena Panov and left for many years in Samara, the Russian Federation. Before the exhibition in Mogilev in February 2019, there was not even a preserved image of this work. Her return was made possible thanks to the good memory of the Panovs about Oleg. Sergey and Elena handed over the picture for the opportunity to show it to a wide circle of viewers and at the Gomel exhibition "King of Fools" for the first time joined the "Month Ai".

Victor Vavilov - actor Prisoner of If castle (1988)

The prototype of this work is interesting. Remember the actor who played the main character Edmond Dantes in the prisoner of If Castle in 1988, — Victor Avilov. At work, there is another detail — there is no sign of Oleg, with which he marked his work.