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Oleg Prusov's

42. Friday or Saturday, 1993

Chapter: Pictures

Linen, oil, 890x780 mm

Have you ever found yourself in a vicious circle? When everything is indifferent, and one day replaces another. And the other is again the same, and so on in a vicious circle. They say: "Groundhog Day".

Canvas "Friday or Saturday" at one of the exhibitions caused one of the inexperienced viewers a simple thought: "what a strange name, it’s not clear what it is here!"And we even wanted to enter into a dialogue, but... oddly enough, another visitor to the exhibition came up and began to talk about the work, what we know for sure... and she probably just felt it. And then her story followed approximately the following content:

"This girl is sitting in complete detachment. She has a cup in her hands, and the exact same one is on the table. It doesn’t matter what day has come, it is a weekday or a work day. She was fixated on her problems and therefore every day turns one into another. Groundhog Day — you see. Pay attention to the colors of the work, they are richly green. The color of brilliant green with which wounds are poured, although this is a weak remedy for their healing. You see..."

Unknown visitor to the exhibition "Month Ai"
Mogilev, 02.20.2019