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Oleg Prusov's

37. Trinity, 1994

Chapter: Pictures

Linen, oil, 900x1100 mm

Natalia Sidorenko after the exhibition "Dreams from the Left Eye" wrote:

...The painting of Oleg Prusov does not relax and does not calm. In our century, when art is becoming more superficial and entertaining, his works continue to ask us eternal questions. "Why this poor city, these unfortunate people, this terrible life?" — as if they were asking. The artist’s whole life is a spiritual search, an attempt to know the world and his own soul... With painful sharpness and inexorable clarity in the portraits of Oleg the tragedy is depicted, which permeates all the more authentic art of the end of the 20th century — the tragedy of the artist, who is increasingly aware that it is very difficult to live in peace, where a crowd of inhabitants rule, where civilization leads a person to spiritual devastation...

A truly tragic sounding minor orientation of creativity reaches in the paint "Trinity".

What did the 20th century do with Trinity?

Nothing remains of the Rublev's universal unity and absolute love.

And, as if having lost faith, the author throws us a bitter irony over the former dream of harmony. There are people whose spiritual deformation affects their appearance. With painful tension, they look deep into themselves, emotionally closed and spiritually disconnected, people without faith and love, terribly lonely, unable to be together, look into each other's eyes. Pain and anguish remained with a sacrificial bowl, a bowl that everyone is destined to carry to the end...

The world of sad harlequin — article by Natalia Sidorenko
in the newspaper "Evening Vitebsk".